My name is Cristiana, I'm 28 and I live in northern Italy.

I discovered the passion for cooking after I went to live by my own, 'cause of course I had to cook for myself but especially for my boyfriend (now husband), Matt. Before that, I actually just knew how to brew a cup of coffee, stop.

But Matt... he's a real "food lover", coming from a family of cooks (mom and grammy), so I knew that if I wanted to make peace after a fight, to let him forget a bad day, or simply to made him happy,​ all I had to do was to cook a comfort and delicious meal, and everything would have gonna be alright.

So I just started. And I realised... I love it!

And then, couple of months ago, I randomly watched the movie "Julie & Julia", recommended by a colleague of mine, and I just couldn't stop watching it, over and over, so I thought that I fell in love with it. That all I wanted to do was to create a food blog!

I've always had the passion for writing (yet, I published a novel when I was 16, and currenlty I am trying to finish another one). And a food blog would have simply and deliciously mixed together my two passions.

So here it is. This is my space, where I keep record of my recipes, my "love-for-veggies-recipes" as I like to call them. In fact, they're all plant based.

Matt is not a vegan person, not even vegetarian, but for out of love of me, he'd eat anything I'd put in front of him.

Anyway I warn you: he's great critic, yet all the recipes you'll find in here have passed his hard judgment.

Why a vegan blog, would you wonder? Because I just enjoy cooking that way and love helping others do the same.


We live with two Cabbages... of course, I mean not the "cabbages" like the veggies.

They're the names of our cats.

"Big Cabbage" and "Little Cabbage" (he's the big white guy and she's the shy grey lady on the left).

We found Big Cabbage when was a tiny kitten on the street, dirty and badly injured by some son of a bitch who bit him so hard because the poor guy did nothing but take shelter in his garden.

After a year, we decided to give him company, and so that's how also "Little Cabbage" entered in our lives.


I am truly grateful to you if you'd like to spend some time to read my meals, try to do them on your own, and maybe tag me on Instagram... I'd love to see your pictures!


Cristiana, Matt & The Cabbages


© 2020 by Cristiana - Two Cabbages Kitchen

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