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The Italian Chickpea Farinata [v] [gf]

Directly from the canopy of streetfood par excellence... Let me welcome you The Original Italian Farinata (or "cecina", as we also call it). So simple it cannot be more than easy, the chickpea farinata is suitable really for everyone, because it is naturally glutenfree, animal products free, soft inside and with a thin crust on top. The chickpea farinata is an italian poor traditional dish, but at the same time very versatile and so much loved by us Italians.

I tried many versions, trying to find the right balance between liquids and chickpea flour, and I must say that this result satisfies me a lot, and it turns out always so good. Even my husband, who doesn't like chickpea flour, appreciates this farinata!

I like it because I can prepare the ingredients in advance, usually in the morning before heading out to the office, then when I get back home in the evening I put it directly in the oven. Et voilà: in half an hour I have the base for my dinner ready, to which I will add fresh seasonal vegetables (raw if summer, cooked if winter), some accompanying sauces and crackers: simple but a delicious and very balanced dinner, enjoyable at any season.

My tips:

  • If you cannot have lunch at home, farinata is an easily transportable food, because you can make it the day before, cut it into squares and put it in a container together with some cooked vegetables and a vegan mayonnaise;

  • Experiment with new versions of farinata: before baking, add some precooked vegetables to it, perhaps that were leftover in the fridge, I recommend sliced courgettes, carrots, but also beets, agretti and fennel sprigs;

  • You can use any baking tray, just make sure the batter is 1/4 inch (5 mm) thick.

Will you make it with me?

Ingredients - for a 20x30 cm baking tray
  • 1 + ¼ cup (160 g) chickpea flour;

  • 2 cups (480 ml) water;

  • 3 tbsp (40 ml) extra virgin olive oil;

  • 1 tbsp salt;

  • 1/2 tsp turmeric, grounded (optional, for the color);

  • Rosemary or thyme, chopped.

  1. In a bowl mix together flour, salt and turmeric, then pour in about a third of the water, mixing well with a whisk to avoid lumps;

  2. Keep stirring, and add all the water. The mixture will be very liquid, and a layer of foam will be formed on the surface;

  3. With the help of a fine mesh skimmer, or the filter of the tea pot, remove the foam on the surface;

  4. Let it rest for a few hours, or overnight;

  5. Turn on the oven at 425 °F (220 ° C);

  6. Add the oil to the bowl and the chopped herbs/cooked vegetables of your choice. Pour the mixture into a 20x30 cm baking tray lined with parchment paper or well greased;

  7. Cook for half an hour, the last 5 minutes with grill mode to create the crust on the surface.

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Love & Enjoy.

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