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Vegan split pea cream | 3 ingredients

Aggiornato il: 19 mag 2020

I must admit it: a steaming bowl of soup is always available in my kitchen.

I find comfort in a hot plate of soup. I could have it even in summer.

And split peas cream... I loooove this!

The texture of this cream is like velvet. I managed to reach it thanks to dried split pea not soaked. Yes, I don't soak them. If I did, the texture would be more like a soup, which is fine anyway, but Matt and I really enjoy this meal just like that. And it requires just 3 ingredients!

This soup is so thick and hearty that it gives a feeling of satiety for very long. It's so very easy to make, doesn't require any particular capacity or method, just like the old fashioned basics and that’s what really makes it so good and satisfying.

You'll need a good amount of water becase the green split peas, not being soaked, absorbe much liquid. So don't be frightened if at first it seems very "liquid".

Another plus of this soup, as well as all my other dishes to be exact, is the use of my vegetable stock. This is soooo good and packed with tons of fresh veggies and fibres, the flavour is savory to the right point.

In this way, you won't have to previously sauté the split pea with onion and celery, because the vegetable stock already contains all the flavours needed.

My vegetable stock can be storaged for months in the fridge. This is the real secret of all my best dishes ;)

I'm gonna post soon how to make it. In the meanwhile, enjoy to simple yet delightful green split pea creamy soup.


Serves: 2

  • 150 gr / 7 oz. green split pea

  • 600 ml / 2 ½ cups water, plus more if needed

  • 2 tsp vegetable stock

To garnish: I used parsley and my homemade soda bread, cut in small cubes and sauté in a pan

  1. Put the green split pea in a large pot

  2. Cover with water and add two tsp of vegetable stock

  3. Bring it to a boil, then cover with a lid and let is simmer at a medium-low heat

  4. Stir occasionally for 25-30minutes

  5. Blend the soup with a stick blender. You can either blend it all, for a super creamy and velvet-ish soup, like my picture, or just an 80% so you'd have a more chopped texture.

Serve it with chopped parsley, a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil and some sauté cubes of soda bread.

Storage & Freezing

This soup will keep well 3 days in the fridge. Be aware that it'll thicken as it rest. Just add some more water to thin it.

You can also freeze it. Thaw overnight in the fridge then reheat the following day.

Should you try this at home, do not forget to tag the Instagram page and use the hashtag #twocabbageskitchen. We'll looooove to see your creations :)

Love & Enjoy.

Cristiana & the Cabbages

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